Lady at the Buffet

(or) Our fellow passengers, God bless them.

Today at the lunch buffet, the main course queue was headed by a confused old who lady who was oblivious to the 20 people waiting impatiently behind her as she slowly lifted each lid of the tureen and leaned forward to smell the contents and see better because she had misplaced her glasses.

Not subscribing to the convention of using the spoon under each tureen for their contents, she was resolutely clutching the first large spoon she had come to and was now poking the contents of each tureen with it.  Mixing Macaroni Cheese with the Boiled Rice and the Fish Pie and the Curried Chicken the Roast Potatoes with the Barbequed Spare Ribs.

Not liking the choice offered the first time round she started pushing her way back up the line of hungry, angry diners who had half full plates by now and were trying not to spill it as she waved the spoon before her, full of everything she had poked at; as she went.

The Buffet Crew looked on with horror on their faces as they watched the Old Lady create havoc the other side of the buffet area; that they had worked so hard on and she was now destroying, and they could not get to.

She continued up the line the wrong way ignoring the helpful hints that some of the other passengers were giving her, she filled her plate with chips and continued against the crowd threatening to tip the chips over who ever got in her way.

It took two of the brave long suffering Buffet Crew ten minutes to clean up the damage caused by the old girl and restore order to the Buffet Area once again, all completed with patience and a smile on their young faces.


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