That time, that feeling when your mind cannot empty of thoughts of your special one.


You think of their body, it’s shape, it’s movement, things you cannot forget.


You know their wants, their desires, their needs. They are your wants, desires and needs.


As the day of your meeting draws near, your desires grow into obsession.


You can almost feel their soft skin, smell their body, you know how they will react, know how they feel inside.


They will show you their love in obedience, as you love them with your dominance.


Two parts of the same jigsaw that fit together to make one whole picture of a life together in extasy.

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You look

You look just perfect

You look so sweet

You look so appealing

You look so sensual.


You look wonderful bent over like that

You look like you are enjoying this now

You look pink now

You look red now

You look so happy now.


You look like you need a love

You look primal

You look like a whore

You look satisfied

You look just perfect.


I love you.

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So Quickly

Time passes so quickly

A minute

An hour

A day

A birthday

A lifetime.


Opportunities pass by fleetingly

An unused smile

An unsaid compliment

A missed kind word

An offer of love, unuttered.


A flash of underwear, in a public place

I wish I had smiled more

Held out my hand out, that was kept back in shyness

Used the stiffness that I held from you in embarrassment

Grasped that opportunity when it was offered.


You cannot go back, that moment has passed

Enjoy each moment to the full

You only live this day once

Tell them you love them before that time passes by too quickly.

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Toilet Rolls


Monday, went shopping for some bits and pieces, thought I would get some toilet rolls, as we are beginning to run low. None anywhere. I resolved to get out earlier tomorrow and try again.

Tuesday, up and out by 7am, waiting for shops to open, No toilet rolls in the first shop, and the man in front of me in the second took the last pack off the shelf. I was told by an assistant in another 24 hours store, “Get here before 5am when we have the delivery.” I resolved to do just that, but tried every shop in our town to see if there were any anywhere on the way home, not a one. Our supplies were running lower.

Wednesday, I wake at 3.30am, terrified of falling asleep again and missing my chance of getting supplies, didn’t want to wake my wife this early. I crept out of bed 4am. Got to the 24-hour store at 4.45am only to find it shut with a note on the door to say it is closed from 10pm till 6am today, I go back home, get myself a drink and seethe for a while.

I go out again at 5.30am and arrive at the store a second time, there is a queue outside already, they are all stood with trolleys big and small. I am number 9, in this line of people no trolley. By the time the store opens the queue has grown to about 80 people, and as the doors opened everyone surged forward and I am almost carried into the store by the crowd pushing from behind, we all, almost run (In my case quickly hobble) down to the aisle at the other end of the store, where the only thing everyone has come in for, normally lay.

I couldn’t believe my eyes, as people pulled pack after pack of the toilet rolls off the shelves and into their trolleys. I struggle with a lot of big younger men and some aggressive women with trolleys, to get one pack off the shelf and get out of the aisle. When I looked back, all I could see was raw greed and panic. The whole of the area was packed by trolleys and angry people.

The assistant at the till told me; I was the first person she had served in over a week with only one pack of toilet rolls.

What is this world coming to?

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Doctors and Nurses


I wish to pay tribute to their courage and dedication in going to work each day, right in the thick of it.

They are exposing themselves to this deadly virus knowing they may be next to catch it.

They are working tirelessly to help our fellow man.

I for one bow to their courage and dedication.

I have not been a religious man, but I have started to pray for their deliverance.

Especially those I know and care for.

Don’t make it worse, help them. Stay at home safe.

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Thank You

Thank you to all of you who have downloaded Gypsy Girl of Seville, Amazon Kindle book number B082T2X3DM, I appreciate that you did that, I hope you enjoyed it.

I am presently working on the next novel, a full erotic novel called Emily’s Mystery. Due out later in spring.

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Nearly Home.

Just a line to say we are progressing along the south coast of England. We go through the English Channel tonight and go up the Thames in the early morning. Then it’s a mad rush at breakfast and to get to our cars first thing. I am sad the holiday is over. The high spot was definitely the New Year fireworks in Madeira. A breathtaking experience in every sense. Sadness evades the ship at this point in every cruise, but all good things come to an end.

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Wet Windy & Cold

Vigo Spain, 3rd January. Title suits My birthday mood just now, I am shoring it up with beer. Not everything in a writers life is nice and exciting. It’s 12.13pm I am looking forward to getting back aboard the ship and having a nice filling lunch. Maybe another beer?

All the best to you all.

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Today’s post 2nd January.

The high everyone,

I hope you have a very Happy New Year, I am presently leaving the port of Lisbon, Portugal. Returning to the UK from my rest holiday, I think I have been busier on this than I am at home.

Promoting at my book, that is free on until the 5th of January, meeting unusual and people that may appear in one of my books in the future. I have met somebody who has inspired me greatly.

We get home on Monday and then I have to do the shopping and doing ordinary everyday things. Hopefully by Wednesday, I should be back into my usual routine, of 18 hours a day writing and editing, with breaks for breakfast lunch dinner and occasional coffee or lemon tea drinks.

I believe a lot of people think that a writer’s life is exciting and it is for the writer, but then only in my head. My physical daily work is really boring to everyone else, all they see is me writing or editing on my laptop. But in my head, I may be in a foreign country or in a bedroom with a beautiful young woman.  I know, I am really weird!  That’s what my close friends call me. I think I agree with them.

Well, that’s all for now folks, I must get back to writing conception, that is due out later this year.


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Madeira New Years eve.

Hi folks,

As the title says, I’m in a ship laying at a anchor off Madeira in brilliant sunshine, I just wanted to say thank you to those of you who have downloaded my book so far and don’t forget it is free to everyone from New Year’s Day until Sunday. I hope you enjoy it.

I hope you all have great New Year celebration and wish you all the best for the year.

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