Toilet Rolls


Monday, went shopping for some bits and pieces, thought I would get some toilet rolls, as we are beginning to run low. None anywhere. I resolved to get out earlier tomorrow and try again.

Tuesday, up and out by 7am, waiting for shops to open, No toilet rolls in the first shop, and the man in front of me in the second took the last pack off the shelf. I was told by an assistant in another 24 hours store, “Get here before 5am when we have the delivery.” I resolved to do just that, but tried every shop in our town to see if there were any anywhere on the way home, not a one. Our supplies were running lower.

Wednesday, I wake at 3.30am, terrified of falling asleep again and missing my chance of getting supplies, didn’t want to wake my wife this early. I crept out of bed 4am. Got to the 24-hour store at 4.45am only to find it shut with a note on the door to say it is closed from 10pm till 6am today, I go back home, get myself a drink and seethe for a while.

I go out again at 5.30am and arrive at the store a second time, there is a queue outside already, they are all stood with trolleys big and small. I am number 9, in this line of people no trolley. By the time the store opens the queue has grown to about 80 people, and as the doors opened everyone surged forward and I am almost carried into the store by the crowd pushing from behind, we all, almost run (In my case quickly hobble) down to the aisle at the other end of the store, where the only thing everyone has come in for, normally lay.

I couldn’t believe my eyes, as people pulled pack after pack of the toilet rolls off the shelves and into their trolleys. I struggle with a lot of big younger men and some aggressive women with trolleys, to get one pack off the shelf and get out of the aisle. When I looked back, all I could see was raw greed and panic. The whole of the area was packed by trolleys and angry people.

The assistant at the till told me; I was the first person she had served in over a week with only one pack of toilet rolls.

What is this world coming to?

About Don Graham 333

Word blind in one eye, bad tempered and only a broken pencil to write with, I don't stand a chance!
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