Chloe’s brief encounter

A 30-minute Story

Hi, I’m sorry I have been offline for some time, too much stimulation, pen pushing and computer bashing. Well what do you expect from a writer? I am told that their lives are only exciting from looking within, My wife thinks it’s boring looking from the outside. Just the back someone’s head writing, typing or thinking. I hope you enjoy this 30 minute story. Tel me if you like it! DON.

Credit to Mrs Oliff, Betty D, and Jenny. My thanks to them.

Please be aware that this story contains adult sexual references and may be offensive to some.

Alec emerged from the large double doors of the supermarket in his black over coat and balck trilby hat, carrying his single bag of shopping. He hasn’t needed any more than one since his wife died five years ago. He goes shopping every few days just for something to do, rather than just sit in the empty flat on his own.

Three strapping young men in hoodies came running very fast behind Alec, past the entrance laughing and shouting at the tops of their voices. As they ran; they knocked a young woman over carrying two bags of shopping who was just coming out of the shop. She fell backwards hitting her head on the door, just behind where Alec stood.

The boys ran off laughing and swearing loudly, leaving the young woman lying on her back in the doorway, her shopping falling out of her bags onto the floor. Alec a trained first aider, went to her assistance and saw to her immediate medical needs, and asked the staff on hand to gather up her shopping up while he looked to see if the skin was broken and attend to the young woman.

A little later, he and the young woman were sitting in the supermarket’s café drinking a cup of tea, Alec was watching for any signs of concussion as they talked over their drinks.

She thought he was so kind to take charge and help her like this.

He thought she was a lovely young woman. He insisted that she went to the local hospital’s A&E dept. She agreed to go and he loaded their bags into the boot of his car and drove her there.

She was checked out by the doctors as being OK and discharged. Alec insisted that he take her home drop her at her door. She wasn’t sure about this, a strange old man in a big car, and her on her own. He took her to her block of flats and said he would leave her bags on the pavement to take up herself, as she was a young woman on her own and he was a stranger.

That settled it for her, she looked into the old man’s eyes and saw gentle compassion and asked, “Would you like to come up for a drink?” He carried her bags up to the top flat on the second floor, becoming puffed out when he got there, not letting her carry anything. She helped him inside taking one of the bags sat him down then made him a drink. They talked until 5.00pm.

He told her he must be going and asked, “Would you mind if I left my card? Maybe you could let me know by email, how you are in a few days. She was really taken with the old man, his kindly nature, his sympathetic ear, and his concern for her.

After he left, she thought what a shame it was that Alec had all those traits that she found most attractive in a man, but he looked old enough to be her granddad. Although he was slim and wiry with a full head of hair, he struggled to get up the stairs. She laughed out loud to herself that she was initially worried about being attacked by a strange man, and in the end, she had to help him in the flat. She had enjoyed talking to him very much, he was easy to talk to and she immediately felt she could trust him. When he presented his card as he left, she thought that was really quaint.

Back in his flat Alec put the shopping away and had his tea. He was facing the TV with the news on. He wasn’t seeing the news, his mind was full with the image of the beautiful young woman, her lovely blue almond shaped eyes, a little nose, and those lovely lips in a wonderful wide smile, and she had all that long dark hair down to her shoulders. She was his perfect woman, if she had only been older. She had a lovely figure and was nice to talk to; he felt she really listened to him. He thought about her all evening and she kept him awake all night too.

Two days later Chloe picked up Alec’s card remembering the old man and thought about sending a thank you email. She put into her contacts and wrote:

Hi Alec,

How are u today, I have just got home from work feeling very well now and thought I would let u know how grateful I am to u for all your trouble, and for how well u looked after me, thank you so much, I enjoyed talking to u. If u want to email me please keep my address


Sent from my iPhone

Alec saw an email appear in his inbox at 5.40pm. He opened it quickly when he realised it was from the young woman he had taken to the hospital. He touched the screen on his iPad and read the message; he got a thump in his chest as he read the nice message and felt her thoughtfulness come through in her writing. He could see her sat emailing at her table. He read the message again, and then he went and made a cup of tea and read her message again. He imagined her lovely face looking down, her slender fingers touching screen on her phone. His breath was coming short; all he could see was her face and hear her lovely soft voice, like angels singing.

He got up and went into the hallway, looked into the large mirror that he and his wife had brought from their previous large four bedroomed home years ago. He leaned in close looking at the 69 year old face the grey hair still thick and said aloud, “You silly old bugger, just get your feet back on solid ground, a young woman that beautiful is never going to look at you the way you are thinking of her, now just stop it, or you will make a right prat of yourself.”

He went back into the lounge and read the email again; nothing had changed, except what he saw. He got an A4 pad he used for shopping lists and notes and started to draft out a response to her email. It was 2.00am when he made the final draft that sounded normal, and not like a declaration of undying love for her.


Dear Chloe,

Thank you for your kind email, it was nice of you to inform me of how you are, I too enjoyed talking to you, maybe one day we can meet up and have coffee together in town my treat, what do you think?


Alec Davis


Dear Alec,

It was nice to hear from u too, Yes, I’d like that very much.


Sent from my iPhone

Alec heard the ping of his iPad as her email arrived. He read it 10 times and wrote eight different versions of reply; he chose the one that didn’t mention kissing her feet.


Dear Chloe,

That sounds very nice perhaps you can choose the place and time, as you must have a very busy life with little time to spare.

If it helps, I could offer to take you to dinner and that would save you with shopping and preparing a meal one night and it would be a real treat for me.

Best Regards


Alec checked his emails all day and night until a reply finally arrived at 7.30am the next day.

Hi Alec,

Thanks for your generous offer, that sounds very nice, how about the pizza place in the town square tomorrow (Friday) 6.30pm?


Sent from my iPhone

Alec’s hands started to tremble when he saw the number ‘1’ appear in his inbox he didn’t get many emails so it had to be from her, he clicked it and it was! His heart pounded his hands continued shaking, he felt like he had just won the lottery. He read the mail and felt so happy, his mind raced, he couldn’t stop it. He went out into the hall and looked into the mirror again. “She has only accepted an invitation to a meal OK!” He said aloud.

He went back and tapped into the iPad.


Dear Chloe,

Yes, that would be fine!

Best Regards


Though it did take him four attempts to word it correctly before he sent it.

Chloe received the message before she went out to work. That will save me cooking tomorrow she thought, and sent a return message.


Hi Alec,



Sent from my iPhone

And she left for work.

Alec read “Great” at least 20 times during the day and into the evening; he could not get the vision of this beautiful woman out of his head all night.

Chloe got up the next morning and thought, I wonder if the old man remembers about the meal tonight, I don’t want to get there and he’s not turned up, I can’t afford to buy my own until next week when my wages go in the bank? She sent an email.


Hi Alec,

Looking forward to it see you at 6.30pm.


Sent from my iPhone

Alec had been awake all night reading her emails. He was overjoyed when her unexpected mail arrived confirming 6.30pm. He was the happiest man in town. He bathed at 4.00pm and used a lot of cologne as he dressed. At 6.15pm he applied an equal amount of cologne to be sure he smelt alright.

Chloe got home at 6.00pm. And in bra and pants, she went through her cupboards drawers and over the floor looking for something suitable to wear to a pizza place with an old man. She had nothing like twin-set and pearls. She threw on the best she could find in the mess, put a couple of squirts of smelly on, and went with black pants that she had only worn twice since washing, a clean black T-shirt with flowers on it and a pair of flats, then she ran like hell to get there by 6.35.

Chloe came running across the square towards him; she looked like an angel in black. Her trim athletic figure her long dark hair flying out as she ran.

“I’m sorry I’m late, I should have made it 7.00pm shouldn’t I?” She said panting. “Thanks for waiting for me. She leaned in and kissed his cheek.”

He thought he felt his heart pounding as she kissed his cheek and he smelt her sweet perfume. He was suddenly in heaven. He would have waited all night for her. “That’s all right I have only just got here myself.” He lied.

They went in and ate dough balls and pizza; she ate most of his dough balls and half of his pizza as well, as he couldn’t manage all of his. They talked for hours, getting along really well; she felt she could tell him anything. He drove her home and he went up to her flat for a drink; he didn’t leave until 1.00am. They talked about everything. He sat there looking at her pretty face transfixed as she poured out her life story. He loved it, he loved her, “You can tell me anything anytime you like you like I would love to hear it,” he said as he left.

She gave him a long hug squeezing him.

He just held her, he didn’t dare breathe while she was holding him, and he thought the spell would break if he breathed. He could feel her soft breasts against his chest, her whole body warm and soft alongside his, her perfume enveloped him warm and sweet. He was proud he didn’t disgrace himself by pushing his erection into her stomach when she hugged him.

He didn’t remember walking on the ground on the way to his car or indeed any of the journey home. He was still in her arms, her smell, and the soft warmth of her clinging to him. It was almost too much to bear. He didn’t sleep that night; his mind wouldn’t stop thinking about her, all his sensations and his mind were still turned on full.

Chloe slept like a log. When she got up, she thought the old boy had been really sweet buying her pizza like that; he was really nice to talk to as well, if only she could find a bloke of her own age like him.

The next morning 7am Alec sent her another email.

Dear Chloe,

Thank you for your company last night, it was for me, one of the most enjoyable evening’s I have ever had. I hope we can do it again as my treat. If you ever wish to talk or email me, I am here for you.

Very best regards


Chloe got out of bed at 9.00am did the loo thing, got cereal and coffee for breakfast, getting to her emails at 9.30. She read Alec’s and smiled, he is a really a sweetie and he hadn’t tried anything on with me either, she thought, he’s a real gentleman, it’s just a shame he’s is a bit old.

She sat drinking a coffee tapping into her phone a long, long email, and sent it

saying how much she enjoyed the evening with him and that she was more than happy to go out with him again in an evening after work and she included a conversation about a previous boyfriend that she had started to tell him about last night in this she referred to something of her sexual preferences.

Alec received the email and had to sit down to read it. The words hit home, making his heart pound and his hand tremble. He had never read anything as exciting as this before. His mind filled with images of Chloe, he imagined fulfilling her preferences. He felt really excited and went to the bathroom to relieve this feeling; this was the first time that he had felt he wanted to do this since his wife died five years ago. But, when he tried taking himself in hand, it wouldn’t get hard, he tried everything rubbing it, swinging it, squeezing it, nothing worked. He eventually gave up feeling shocked, angry and upset that his body was letting him down all he had was something to piss through.

Chloe wondered whether she should have sent that last email, she might have gone too far and shocked the old fella. After all he normally replies by return, and now it was after 12.00pm and he still hasn’t replied. She wondered if the old fella was alright, and decided to send another.


Hi Alec,

Maybe I shouldn’t have sent that last email, did I shock you?


Sent from my iPhone

Alec felt awful when he received her email, because he hadn’t replied, he’d forgotten.


Dear Chloe,

I have been out this morning, only just got back and read your email, its fine, in fact it’s more than fine, thank you for sharing it with me, and I am here for you as a friend if you wish.

Very best regards


Chloe was pleased to get his reply. She had broken up with her best friend weeks ago, after had she stolen Chloe’s boyfriend so she lost two friends at the same time. Now she felt she needed someone to talk and confide in and Alec was nice and liked to listen. She replied.


Hi Alec,

I am so pleased I didn’t shock or offend you; it’s nice to have someone to talk to if it’s only over the internet. What are your plans for the rest of the weekend?


Sent from my iPhone

Alec saw her email arrive and his heart jumped as he read it eagerly, he felt so warm and close to this young woman, he had to reply:


Dear Chloe,

I am going into town again for a bit of shopping, then spending the night in, tomorrow I am going to the Knaves Hollow Hotel for a lonely Sunday lunch. Unless you would care to join me as my guest and save yourself some washing up?

Very best regards


Saving the washing up appealed to Chloe and going to that posh hotel was a real bonus, so she replied:


Hi Alec,

I would love to come, are you sure you want me there?


Sent from my iPhone


Alec replied:

Dear Chloe,

Of course, I’m sure. I would love your company, who wouldn’t like the company of a lovely young woman at lunchtime; can I pick you up at 12.15 at yours?

Very best regards



Chloe wrote back:

Hi Alec,

You, old flatterer you, I see I will have to help keep my eye on you.

12.15 will be cool.


Sent from my iPhone

Then Alec was beside himself with joy, he was going to have lunch with her tomorrow. He went into town and bought a new shirt, pair of trousers and a bottle of cologne, the first things he had bought for himself in five years.

Chloe chilled out on her bed looking at her Facebook, INSTAGRAM and Pinterest accounts, catching up with what her friends were doing.

Alec couldn’t sleep again, his head was full of images of Chloe and her preference’s, he was 69 years old and he knew no one who had been so open about what they liked sexually, he tried giving himself relief again, but it was came to nothing.

Chloe spent part of the evening looking at porn until she felt randy enough, then undid her jeans then pulling them down a bit, she put the tablet so she could see the porn video. She put a hand in her thong and rubbed herself to a leisurely climax thinking of herself as the girl in the video. When she climaxed in her mind, she thought she saw Alec stood there, cock in hand, waiting to be next in line to take her. She shook her head to clear her mind of the images and she took her hand out of her thong quickly. What was the old man doing in my fantasy, she thought? Shaking her head again and finishing the can of beer on her bedside-table.

Alec started getting ready at 11.00am on Sunday; he bathed, shaved and covered himself in cologne. Then, in clean underwear, new shirt and pants he looked into the full-length mirror and felt really good. He walked around his flat rereading all her emails on his iPad especially the one describing her preferences. He didn’t sit down as he might crease his new trousers. He left his flat at 12.05 and he pulled up outside Chloe’s at the allotted time looking up at her window.

Bang on time Chloe looked through the window and saw Alec’s car draw up. She had a bra on and she was looking around for a clean thong. She found one that looked clean and slipped jeans over it, and a top that she thought was the cleanest. It was a bit low at the front, she had to pull herself about a bit so she didn’t show her nipples and it showed a lot of cleavage, but it was the only clean one she had. Ah well he won’t mind seeing that will he? she thought, as she pulled her hair out of the band holding her pony tail and dragged a comb through it, she squirted the last of her perfume between her breasts and behind her ears, and then slammed the door shut behind her. It was only 12.30 when she got onto the passenger seat.

“Hi Alec,” she said, “Sorry I’m a bit late it has been a busy morning.” She felt guilty, because she had actually been watching porn in bed and had two climaxes before getting up at 11.30. Getting a cup of coffee and sitting on the loo for 15 minutes then a shower and then she saw his car draw up.

“That’s alright, it’s lovely to see you, thank you very much for coming with me, I get lonely eating on my own, so having someone looking so… lovely is a real treat.”

Chloe looked down at her cleavage, “I’m not showing too much am I?” She said adjusting herself in her bra and top.

Not at all, show as much as you like. At my age, I have seen a few of those, but not as nice as yours though.

“Alec, you devil, what should I do with you?” She said laughing aloud.

Alec drove along thinking, anything you like!

In the hotel restaurant they got a nice table for two by a sunny window. The sun shone through onto Chloe’s face and cleavage, and Alec had difficulty not looking at it. He watched transfixed as Chloe attacked her carvery meal. Her breasts moved pleasantly in her top, Alec thought. This created an uncomfortable area in his trousers, and he was pleasantly surprised to find he was sporting hardness that he had been so elusive since meeting her. Unfortunately, it was emerging at an inconvenient time. He dropped his napkin on the floor and managed to adjust himself as he picked it up and put it back in his lap.

The two of them talked about anything and everything, just two people getting along very well together. Chloe felt really relaxed with him and told him secrets and intimacies. After the third glass of wine, she confessed that she wished that he was a little younger because he was her perfect man.

He sat totally smitten by her, trying hard not to look down her cleavage, as he listened to her confessions. His hardness was becoming fit to burst. He wanted to lean across and kiss those beautiful soft lips of hers. His mind was racing thinking of all the things he would love to do with her if only she was older.

A leisurely 2½ hours later, he felt he must pay the bill and leave as they were the only ones left in the place except for the staff, and they will be wanting to finish work. He took her home and he needed to help her upstairs as the wine was making her unsteady. She opened her front door with difficulty and invited him in for a drink. He refused partly because of the inside of her flat looked like a bomb site, partly because she was definitely worse for drink, and partly because one of her breasts was almost out on display and he longed to put it back for her but he was too much of a gentleman.

He refused saying, “Another time.” She turned to him, hugged and kissed him on the lips, her tongue seeking entry, he sucked the tip of it and broke away from her thinking this was too much. He felt he would be taking advantage of her and left quickly. Chloe went into her flat and crashed out.

When Alec got home, his hands were shaking and he could feel his heart was still thumping hard in his chest. His lips were still tingling from her kiss and he could still feel the warmth of her body against his and the sight of her breast was just wonderful. He wanted to lift it out completely kiss and suck it to please her, he knew she had pink areola and she loved to have them sucked, she had told him. But she was drunk and he was brought up a gentleman, and gentlemen didn’t take advantage of women like that. By the time he got into his bathroom and looked down at it, his previous excitement had dwindled away and he was left with a little bit of wrinkled skin once more. So, he made his mind up, there and then, where he was going in the morning.

Monday morning it was Chloe’s bonus day off. She woke up at 7.00 am and rushed into the bathroom. She sat on the loo her head banging, she went into the cupboard in the kitchen and got some pain killers then went back to bed. She woke again at 10.30am and got dressed and made herself a drink. She looked round her flat and realised, this week was the week she was going to have to do some washing and clean the flat up, and it looked a mess. She sat thinking about Alec yesterday, she’d had a nice time with him, and he was a real gentleman, holding the door open for her, getting the chair for her at the table. He hadn’t said anything about how low her top was, and he didn’t take advantage, though he had a little suck of my tongue, I think that he could be a real devil if he let himself go. I felt really comfortable with him, I liked his company and he’s a nice person. But I wonder why he left quickly like that? I’ll email him.

11.15 PM

Hi Alec,

Thank you for a lovely time I really enjoyed it. But why did you rush off like that?


Sent from my iPhone

He wrote back.

11.20 PM

Dear Chloe,

You were a little drunk and I didn’t feel I should take advantage of the situation,

Sorry I hope that didn’t upset you.

Very best regards


11. 25pm

Hi Alec,

I was fine with what was happening, let’s do it again sometime OK?

Chloe x

Sent from my iPhone

11.30 PM

Dear Chloe,

I would love to.

Best regards

Alec x

Monday morning Alec went to his doctor’s surgery first thing in the morning. He waited and waited, right until the last appointment of the morning. When he went into see the doctor, he tried hard to explain through his embarrassment that he had a particular problem, but it took him quite a few minutes to get around to asking for Viagra. The doctor looked at Alec’s medical record on the computer and told him, he didn’t want to prescribe it really because of his condition. He eventually said yes, but he told him must to be very careful as his blood pressure could be affected, and he strongly suggested that Alec takes no more than one a month. And he had to understand that it was prescribed on a private prescription which will cost him.

Alec took the prescription straight around to a pharmacist quite some distance from his home to have it filled. Then he went home and spent 20 minutes reading through the leaflet inside the pack about the many side effects, they frightened him a lot, thinking what could happen to him. He made a cup of tea and thought long and hard about the path he was thinking of taking. But he couldn’t stop thinking about Chloe, how lovely she was, her hair, and her smell everything about her. He made up his mind after reading all her emails again.

Chloe needed something. Everyone said there was a lot of it about and she could see that some people were getting it, there were web sites dedicated to it. She had tried going down to the pub in town more than once to see if she could get picked up by the right guy, but still she wasn’t getting sex. When she went to bed at night, she would bring herself off with her fingers before going to sleep. At work once, she went into the loo and brought herself after seeing this drop-dead gorgeous bloke in town. One night while she was rubbing herself into a climax she thought of Alec as she cried out in pleasure, wondering what it would be like with him. Afterwards she wondered whether he would be up to it, certainly not after climbing the stairs to her flat.

Chloe was out at her girlfriends in the afternoon and found she hadn’t taken her phone with her in her bag, when she got back home, she found another email from Alec.


Dear Chloe,

Do you like Indian food?

Would you like to join me for a meal at the Taj on Thursday evening?

Very best regards

Alec x


Hi Alec,

That would be nice, what time?

Chloe x

Sent from my iPhone


Dear Chloe,

I’ll pick you up at 6.45pm

Very best regards

Alec x

Alec kept trying to get an erection, two or three times a day, but to no avail.

On Thursday Alec was ready by 6.15pm and sat impatiently looking at the news. He arrived at Chloe’s on time and waited. She waved at him through the window. She was dressed from the waist up, but naked below. After waving she searched for clean underwear. She thought the panties she found were clean then she grabbed a pair of black trousers, slipped them on, stepped into a pair of flats and ran downstairs.

She was breathless when she got in his car, “I’m sorry I’m late I was late back from Sue’s, how are you Alec?” Then she leaned over and kissed his cheek.

He immediately forgot he had waited 10 minutes for her, his face tingled where her lips touched him and he felt excitement fill his whole body again. He was so aware of her body that close to him, he had trouble concentrating on his driving.

Once they got sat down in the Taj, their conversation picked up where it had left off on their last date. She felt so at ease in his company, she drank her wine and told him or her hopes dreams and confidences and hinted at what she would like to have done to her.

Alec sat transfixed looking at this beautiful young woman telling him everything about herself, he had thought she was lovely that first day at the hospital, but now he was listening to her tell him what she liked sexually, and it fitted his own preferences like a completed jigsaw, he couldn’t love her any more if he tried.

At the end of the second glass of wine she was looking at Alec thinking he wasn’t a bad looking man for his age and he dressed smart. He had been a successful businessman and he sold his business, now he is living comfortably off the proceeds. She slipped her shoes off and rubbed her feet up and down his and his ankles. Alec felt her foot stroke his and his and his excitement lifted as did the insides of his trousers.

Chloe only had a sip of the third glass of wine as her feet ran up Alec’s legs under the table. “How would you like to take me home, now?”

Alec was bursting with excitement before she had asked him, but now it was the time to act, she had given him enough signs,” I would love to.” He paid the bill and they left. When they got in the car she leaned across and kissed his cheek again and when he turned to face her, she kissed his lips and this time when her tongue entered his lips, he sucked it enthusiastically. Her hand came up behind his head and pulled him to her and he wondered whether his stiffness was going to last long enough to be useful.

She thought his kisses were pretty good and her hand went down into his lap to seek out the possibilities and found him ready for action. “Are you going to come in tonight so I can thank you for you for the nice meal?”

“I would like that very much,” he said anxious to drive to hers quickly.

On the way back Chloe hoped that she had cleaned the flat up enough, had she put her dirty underwear in the basket?

Up in her flat, she kissed him and he responded more forcefully than she had expected, he was gipping a handful of her hair at the back of her head and crushing his lips to hers. He had a full head of hair and he was kissing her hard and she liked it, she took a handful of his and pulled him to her. His hand came up and held her breast. She pulled her top up over her bra with one hand and Alec moaned into her mouth as his hand went inside her bra. Chloe moaned back into his mouth as her hand dropped to the front of his trousers, her fingers eagerly gripping what she found.

“Let me please you the way you want,” he moaned, breaking away from the kiss, breathing heavily still holding her hair. She held onto him not wanting to let go. They walked that funny walk you do, when you are both taking each other’s clothes off at the same time as kissing. She sat on the side of the bed naked when he knelt between her opened legs. He leaned forward kissing and licking her all the way from her knees to her most sensitive centre. A minute later she cried out loudly in ecstasy, her stomach twitching as her climax peaked. She was pulling and guiding his head with two handfuls of his hair and she shouted out loud animal noises.

She pushed his head away at that point when it became unbearably sensitive. He wiped his mouth on the sheets and got up on his knees, his pride showing just when he needed it. He moved in closer and rubbed his tip up and down her wet entrance, and then pushed in her, feeling great emotion.

She moaned in appreciation as he entered her fully. It had been a long six years since he last felt this, and now to be making love to a beautiful young woman at his age was a dream come true. If only he could hold onto it long enough to please her.

When Chloe climaxed on Alec, she cried out long and loud. Letting everyone in the flats know she was enjoying herself. Alec really wanted to put a pillow over her face to quieten her, but what the hell, if he could satisfy her let it happen. He held on long enough to please her first. Then it was his turn and it was so good for him it almost hurt. As he completed, he felt a sharp pain and grabbed the middle of his chest.

“She looked up and saw him grimacing, “Alec, are you alright?”

She got up quickly and held onto him, “What can I do?” she cried.

He looked into her face, “Do you know you are perfect?” he said, feeling the pain go away.

She stroked his face, “What’s wrong tell me?” her panic rising.

He smiled at her, “It’s gone now, I’m OK stop worrying, its just angina that’s all, don’t worry I’m fine. Did I please you?”

She stroked his face looking for some sign that he was still in pain and trying to hide it, but he looked fine. “Yes of course you pleased me very much, better than the young men I have had in the past. You were wonderful.” She put her arms round his neck and kissed him, their tongues darting in each other’s mouths. “I think your cum is leaking out of me.” she said and reached back for a box of tissues, they took them wiping themselves. She left some tissues between her legs and pulled on her panties over them.

“That was fabulous, you are a good lover Alec,” she said giving him a squeeze.

“Well I could say the same about you, you have a perfect body. I could kiss every inch, every nook and cranny enjoying every bit of it.” He said squeezing her, not believing his luck. She really seemed to be enjoying it.

They lay on the bed; Chloe had her arms round him. He looked at the clock, “I must go and let you get some sleep, you have work to go to tomorrow, thank you for making an old man very happy.”

She put her fingers on his lips. “Say no more about your age, I have enjoyed your company since we first met and you have just given me fantastic sex, I don’t feel age comes into it.” She leant over and kissed him. “How is your chest?”

“It’s fine now really,” he said as he started to get up to dress ready to go.

Stood in just her panties, she held onto him kissing him.

His hands cupping her buttocks, “They are beautiful,” he said grinning, giving them a last squeeze.

After he left, Chloe lay in bed satisfied, and very surprised how everything had been tonight, she felt so relaxed with Alec and he had proved to be a really good lover. In fact, thinking about the boyfriend she’s had in the past. None had satisfied her like that, and been so considerate. Some had just fucked her and left straight after getting their rocks off. But she was worried about the pain Alec got in his chest.

When she came home after work the next night there was an enormous bunch of flowers on her doorstep. She took them in and read the attached note. “Thank you for making me the happiest of men, I think I love you.” She thought that was really sweet of Alec and she sat and email him.


Hi Alec,

Thank you for the flowers, they are lovely, and I think I feel the same.

Love Chloe XXX

Sent from my iPhone

She didn’t get an answer right away as she expected, she wondered what was wrong.

At 11.00 PM one arrived.

Dear Chloe,

I don’t know whether I should say this but, I have very strong feelings for you, I didn’t know whether that might frighten you off.

If it doesn’t would you like to come around to my flat one evening and I will cook for you and try to make you happy like last night, and I will run you to work the next day?

Much love Alec XXX

11.10 PM

Dear Alec,

I would love to come over and be pampered by you, as long as you promise not to mention your age ever again, when would you like me to come.

Love Chloe XXX

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11.20 PM

Dearest Chloe,

I thought straight after the meal.:-))))

Pack some clean things I could collect you tomorrow? 6.00 PM?

Much love Alec XXX

11 23 pm.

Dear Alec,

I’ll be waiting!

Love Chloe XXX

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When Chloe went to work the next day, she looked even happier than the previous days, everyone was asking what was putting a smile on her face. She had realised that she did have feelings for Alec even with the age difference. She admitted to everyone that she was seeing an older man, they were all pleased for her, but silence fell when she told them just how old he was. During the day she overheard one of the men telling a joke about the old man and the young woman and how they made love to the chimes of the church each Sunday, and how it was a shame that the fire engine went past and the old man died. Chloe felt hurt, and thought of Alec’s chest.

The next day, when she got to his flat, Chloe found Alec had already made a space for her things. She had enough room and more to hang her things up in a wardrobe and drawers to put things in. There was a place for everything and it looked like Alec done it all neat and tidy. She thought he was wonderful and he was a super lover that was the best of it.

She had a shower and they made love, this time he didn’t get chest pains, “See I’m alright.” He said smiling broadly, happy that he had done it without an angina attack. Afterwards they had dinner. Nothing fancy, but better than she would have done for herself, she thought.

“How would you like to come shopping with me on Saturday and we could buy a couple of things, in case you stay over again, then they would already be here, or I am going too fast for you?” He asked.

She thought he looked worried when he asked that, but to her it sounded a wonderful idea, and as she looked at him, she thought he was looking younger. “I think that sounds a lovely idea, I would only need some underwear and a couple of tops.” She said leaning forwards and kissing him, “Thank you for a lovely and satisfying evening.”

The next night Alec got all dressed up and went to the masons. He got ribbed by everybody there for looking so happy; he took pleasure in telling them why. Some men said ‘Aha! old man, young women, short life!’ And they all laughed.

“Yes, but what a way to go,” he said shutting them up.

Saturday, he collected Chloe at 9.30am and they drove into Norwich. It didn’t seem to take long in his Lexus and it was very comfortable, she thought. He took her to all the big shops Jarrolds, Next, M&S, John Lewis, and Monsoon. And they left each store with bags full. Her head was spinning he had spent nearly £1000 on her. Shoes, handbag, clothes and fancy underwear, he even bought her some stockings, something she had never worn before. The shop assistants kept referring to him as her granddad and her as his granddaughter. They both just smiled.

He took her for a light meal at the top of the castle mall. During the day Alec had to sit down a couple of times holding his chest. She was most concerned and wanted him to stop and go home, she offered to drive home.

He kept her to that and let her drive them; she had never driven such a big expensive car before, though it was lovely and easy to drive.

Back at his flat she had a wonderful time unwrapping putting all her new clothes away, she was so happy.

He sat watching her, taking pleasure in her pleasure, he suggested that they take an early shower, and she try on the stockings and suspenders. When she walked into the lounge in them and high heels, he had already pulled the net curtains across the large balcony windows for privacy. He sat on the settee as she walked around in them giving him a viewing. He loved this young woman looking so sexy just for him. He stood and kissed forcefully exciting her more than she had expected. He asked her to bend over in the big chair, holding onto the arms. He kissed her lovely cheeks and more, and fingered her until she had cried out in ecstasy three times. He collapsed back onto the settee, his pride still showing. When he had recovered, she knelt between his legs and made him cry out moments later, but he starting to hold his chest again.

She knelt up holding him, “Are you going to be alright with your chest Alec?”

“Yes, I’ll be fine as long as I keep taking the pills, now, how would you like to go out for a meal?”

They dressed and took a slow walk through the park as the sun set ending up in a nice restaurant for a meal. As they were going back up to his flat, he felt pleased he had spent the extra money on this particular flat with a lift so he didn’t have to take the stairs. Chloe stopped that night, they went to sleep like spoons with his face buried into her hair. She stopped Sunday night too and they talked and talked about all sorts of things but always coming back to their differences, he was worried that she would miss discos and the exciting life that younger people want. She said she was fine with things and she could always go out with her girlfriends from work, when he went out to the masons. She was worried about how the other masons would react if he took her to one of their do’s, now he had brought all these lovely clothes to go in.

At tea-time he brought her a drink, a sandwich and a small box all on a tray, and laid it in her lap.

She looked up at him, “What’s this?” She asked, opening the little box.

There was a key in it. “It’s the key to my heart,” he said, “Would you consider marrying me?”

She felt the wind go out of her, and leaned back in the chair looking up at him, then at the key, it was the key to the flat of course. She could see his handsome face and the look of worry on it.

“Yes, of course I’ll marry you.”

He still looked worried, “You do realise you might just end up a carer for some of your life?”

“I can’t see that being a problem Alec.”

He bent down taking her face in his hands kissed her, his face all smiles, “When would you like to do it, it had better be sooner than later love?” He said.

“Oh, don’t say that! How about the last day of the month?”

“Great! I love you very much, you know that don’t you.”

She felt really choked he was such a sweet man, and she did feel loved. But how long was she going to be married for?

They talked and talked about who to invite, and what her parents will say? He had told her he had no one, no relatives and no children so he was going to make a will so she could inherit when anything happens to him.

She put her arms round him, “Don’t say things like that!” she said holding him tightly.

“Well you do have to think of these things, we can’t escape the 43 years’ difference between us it’s a fact of life. But when I go you will still be a lovely young woman, with your whole life in front of you, and you are making my final years very happy.”

She hugged him tighter, “Don’t talk like that!”

Over the following week she emptied her flat and moved in with him. She gave the keys back to the landlord, instantly making her better off by the rent she did not have to pay out. Things were getting better and better for her, she loved being at his place. When she got back from work each day he had cleaned up after her and he had done any washing, ironing all her things and putting them away neatly, even her thongs.

The big stumbling block was her parents. They did not take the news about the wedding, well. They initially told her they would not go; her father could not accept the fact that his daughter was sleeping with a man older than himself. All her friends said that they would come to the wedding. All his Masonic friends said they would attend, but Alec was sure some would come partly because their reception was to be held in the Masonic hall.

Alec was trying to get Chloe to agree to go on a cruise to the Greek islands for their honeymoon for a few weeks. But they couldn’t agree, so agreed to put it off and talk about it later.

Every night they made love and he made her very happy doing what she liked best, he showed her a few new things which she didn’t know, but enjoyed greatly.

Her parents eventually came around and agreed to attend. They came down for the wedding, partly because Alec paid for a hotel for them for three nights so that they could all meet up and talk before the wedding, and they could go home the day after it. Her mother was happy for Chloe, crying for her on the day. Her father wasn’t so happy, but everything went off well and everyone had a good time.

After things had settled down Chloe found she really loved Alec and liked being Mrs. Dent. Their sex life increased and got even more exciting as he taught her new things, until the inevitable happened one night.

Everyone was shocked that it had happened so soon after the wedding. The funeral was a month to the day after the wedding; and everyone who had been at the wedding attended the funeral at the crematorium. All of them were genuinely saddened by the events and there were many genuine tears throughout the ceremony. The coffin was lowered, the curtains came around and everyone started to file out of the chapel after the service.

As they left, nearly everybody said the same thing, shaking their heads. “Who would have thought someone so young would have had a weakness in her heart like that!”


Don Graham

Sept. 2019

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