As you know, I presently have my first story away at the proofreaders. Yesterday I contacted ‘More Visual Ltd’ of Leicester, I spoke to a nice young man called Richie.

OH! How that ages me, at my age everyone is young now in comparison.

Anyway, listen. Richie arranged for them to give me a quote for the book covers that I need, and they might be able to create an authors website for me too. As you might imagine, I spent all afternoon and evening finding images I need and writing descriptions of what I want on the book cover and website. I managed to get it all done before falling asleep next to a half empty glass of medicinal wine.


It’s in the next stage. Paying out lots of good hard-earned money, quite a bit. Like backing a horse, I am betting it all on my writing. Will people like what I have written? Will the different novels be entertaining?

My first book is set in 1850, and is about infatuation, love and betrayal. My second book is a sex mystery story.

I KNOW, I can hear you saying “What is a sex mystery?” Well you can find out when I publish it, before Christmas.

About Don Graham 333

Word blind in one eye, bad tempered and only a broken pencil to write with, I don't stand a chance!
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