I’m sorry!

I have neglected you for a long time and I am sorry for that.

My absence was not intentional, but things have developed and I am now writing full time.

I have written three novels and two novellas so far this year, plus diaries and outlines for other stories.

I have been busy editing the first of my books to be published, it is presently at the proofreaders. I am busy working on a front cover for it and for the next book that will follow shortly afterwards.

The first of the book will be FREE, it is called ‘CARMEN’ and will be published as an e-book around the end of September. I will post more details as they become available.

In the meantime, here is a free 10 minute story, nothing like CARMEN.

I hope you enjoy it.


P.S. I have changed my photo to something more realistic, but don’t let it put you off.


A 10 minute story

The 17 year old boy lay in the hospital bed, his injuries extensive. Broken jaw, face so badly bruised both eyes were swollen shut, two broken ribs, ear damaged, broken arm, and bruises all over his little body.

“Do you have a name for him, for our administration records officer?” Asked the doctor.

“He had a couple of cards on him when we found him, if they are his, his name is Peter Blox. Do you have any idea when we might be able to interview him about how he came to be in this condition?” The police officer asked.

“With the injuries he has, it maybe weeks; I am planning to keep him unconscious for at least three days.”

—  #  —

Pete Blox thought he could hear noises, someone calling his name. “Peter, don’t try to move or speak, just squeeze my hand if you can hear me?”

Pete squeezed his hand and tried to open his eyes but they felt full and he could only see a glimmer of light.

“Good, Peter, you are in hospital and we need to do a number of tests to assess your condition, squeeze my hand if you understand?”

Pete squeezed his hand again.

People poked, moved and stuck things in him. Each time needing a squeeze of the hand as they proceeded, then they left him in peace. He relaxed, laying still and trying to recall the last thing that he remembered. He was sure it was Alex his drug supplier hitting him, his big fists raining down on him and a boot in the side of his head, then nothing.

—  #  —

Pete felt a hand in his, it was a small soft hand. He tried to open his eyes again and he could see a little more, there was a blurred someone smiling at him, he instinctively tried to smile back and his face hurt, he winced and it hurt more.

“Don’t try to move anything, please!” She said.

He could hear her pleading with him, she had a nice voice soft, a caring voice; he squeezed her hand.

The nurse told him she had come to explain about his injuries and that he was being fed intravenously, and what he must do to get better, she was going to be there to help him. Her voice was like hearing angels sing, he thought. He blinked to try and see her better, and it was a little better, he could just see her face and she was beautiful, and the best bit of all she was going to be there every day, that was just what he needed.

When she had finished explaining everything, she bathed his eyes and washed his face. She was so tender doing this, then he tried and opened them a little more and he could see her in more detail. She was perfect with a round face, lovely eyes and the most wonderful smiling lips, her brown hair was in a bun under her hat. He thought she couldn’t be much older than him, she was everything he could want in a woman warm gentle caring and looks to die for. She said her name is Emma.

Pete had fallen in love, and apart from her coming the next day and removing his catheter and showing him how to use a bottle. Everything was fine with him when she was there; his eyes were getting better, he tried hard not to show pain when she was helping him to move. When she wasn’t there, she was there in his head he couldn’t stop thinking about her, every waking hour he could see her face. Smiling at him.

—  #  —

The police came to interview him about what had happened but luckily, because his jaw was wired, he could only really write with difficulty, a short statement about how he was set on by a gang of drug crazed men who stole his money; he didn’t think they believed him because he still had his credit cards in his wallet, and the police thought it was good of the drug crazed men to put the wallet back in his back pocket. But as he still had a puffy bruised face when he was interviewed, he didn’t think the police could see him blush.

—  #  —

One afternoon Pete heard “Hi Pete.”

His eyes sprung open; it was his friend Tony. His favourite nurse came straight over and explained to Tony about asking questions and getting the answer by hand squeezing.

Tony’s eyes followed the nurse as she walked away, her buttocks moving under her uniform and said, “I’d like to squeeze her.”

Pete felt angry, it was his Emma he was talking about. Tony only stopped for half an hour and then left as it was a one-sided conversation and he was getting fed up.

After Tony left, Pete lay back and thought how bad things had got because of his mistake of believing there was such a thing as easy money. He had been recruited by big Alex to sell his drugs. Alex introduced Pete to all the people he supplied and told Pete he was not to tell or admit to anyone that he did drugs or that Alex supplied them, or else.

All went well for over 6 months, then he was set on by three blokes in balaclavas and they stole what drugs and the little cash he had. He phoned Alex right away, and when Alex came around, he didn’t believe him. He accused him of lying and went berserk and the next thing he remembered was waking up in hospital.

—  #  —

Over the days, things became easier for Pete as he tried a weird kind of speech through his wired jaw. He spoke to his beloved Emma who encouraged him in his endeavour; he told her he regretted some of the things he had done in the past. But he still had the sick feeling that big Alex was out there waiting for him and he would never escape the cycle of crime he was in. She was nice and urged him to put the past behind him and make a new start. He loved to look at her beautiful green eyes and those soft lips, oh what he wouldn’t do to kiss them just once. He wanted to tell her that he was dreaming about her, but he was too shy.

—  #  —

After five weeks and many x-rays the doctors told him they were hopeful of being able to discharge him from hospital in a few weeks, if his jaw mended OK and they hoped to remove the cast on his arm soon. Eventually he was taken to physiotherapy without wires or plaster with strict instructions to do exactly as he was told.

—  #  —

Next day Tony came to see Pete and told him that Alex had been found dead in the town and the police thought it was London drug gang related.

Tony left saying, “I’ll see you in the pub when you get out OK?”

As Pete drank in the news his heart started to jump for joy realising that he was free. Free to make that fresh start and chase that dream of a better life, no pub for him.

He grinned then smiled as he saw Emma coming towards him, smiling.

“What’s made you so happy?” she asked.


Don Graham 28-8-19

About Don Graham 333

Word blind in one eye, bad tempered and only a broken pencil to write with, I don't stand a chance!
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