Visit Singapore.

Wednesday 3rd April 2019

I had slept badly waking at midnight 1, 2, 4 & 5pm then I dropped off into a deep sleep and then Florie was shaking me awake at 7.30am to go to breakfast. I hate being late up, I all felt behind all morning. The ship had slipped into its berth at 5.30am in the heavy morning rain when I wasn’t looking.

A wet entry into Singapore.

When I went to breakfast there were dark grey clouds that lasted until nearly lunchtime. Florie and I got off the ship and into the cruise terminal updating computers and sending emails as the port had good internet. We trawled the shops afterwards and Florie picked out a few nice clothes that will go with things she already has back home.

After an early light lunch we were on a coach in an afternoon of improving weather. First we visited the ‘Gardens by the Bay’ a fantastic experience of laid out tropical gardens outside.

We went into two glass domes that contain a fabulous collection of exotic plants and flowers in an unusual setting one with dry desert type plants.

Dry Bio Sphere.

The other in humid wet conditions in the other is a spectacular setting of the world’s tallest indoor waterfall, a truly breath taking experience.

Tallest Indoor Waterfall.

We were taken up to the Sky Walk which had us walking on a suspended walkway under the super trees.

Sky Walk.

(You see theese on the UK TV advert on ITV3 in the evenings,)

Super Trees.

These are very tall man-made cylindrical structures that open up like a funnel at the top; and are coated in plants and flowers and tall vines covering right to the tops. These particular ones encircle vents from reclamation and generating plant, very effectively, one of the tallest of them housed a restaurant at the top.

Sky Walkway.

Then we were taken to the enormous three building, Marina Bay Sands Hotel.

The Mariana Bay Sands Hotel.

We had a drink on The Sands Sky Park Observation Deck with breath taking views, from the top.

View of gardens from top of Hotel.

Finally we had a short trip on The Singapore River.

On boat on Singapore River.

This was really wonderful in the warm afternoon sun. It brought back happy memories for Florie and me as we got off the river boat at the very spot where we enjoyed a romantic meal some years ago. So all in all we had a most wonderful time and I would recommend that if any of you reading this are flying to Singapore, have a stopover so you can go around and visit these places, it will be a truly wonderful experience.

Happy Nib ��H$�]�&#

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