Cobh, Republic of Ireland.

9.05am and the docks late again; I have lost count of how many ports we have been late getting into on this ship. We are in Cobh in Southern Ireland this morning, a grey overcast day; with no relief, according to the forecast.
Remarkably, we got off at 9.30am and we were through Irish Immigration, and tripping our merry way along the shoreline into the small town. It looked picturesque from the ship, when we entered the port, with lovely white or cream houses dotted on the hillside surrounding the port, and the town off to the right with a heavier concentration of buildings.


This is the view that greets you a 100 yards from the ship as you go into the town.
When we walked the few hundred yards into the start of the town itself, we thought we had already seen the best of it, when we were on the ship. As we strolled the length of the High St and back again, regrettably that confirmed our thought.


I took this stood with my back to the Titanic museum in the Main Street.
I think in the sun it could look better, but the shops are tired and there is little of interest, for the 400 ships passengers to look at, let alone buy. There were some bars or coffee shops open with tables outside, but it was too cool and miserable to sit at one just for a coffee. Florie and I tried hard, looking in as many paces as possible, but we were back aboard the ship in two hours.


This was taken up high near the cathedral looking out over the bay – the dock is to the right.
I think the town tries hard to brighten itself by painting the houses different colours, which looks very nice as you enter and leave the port by ship, but unfortunately I did not see much of this until too late as we left. The town makes a lot of the Titanic and Lusitania connection and they have a museum that we did not go in, after our trip round the graveyard in Halifax. Apparently the Titanic was due to call here on its return from America, had it not hit the iceberg on the way out. However I was impressed that the town had a cobbler that supplied hand-made shoes, that’s something that you don’t see very often.
Don on the Cobh

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