Charlottetown, PEI.

Catch up first.

15th September.  If you read the earlier diaries you will recall that on our four week cruise of Eastern Canada, in our matchbox sized bathroom, in our cabin has a shower that is unreliable, in that, the water changes from very cold to boiling hot in an instant and as a result some tender parts of me were scalded, but I am recovered now; another concern of mine was that we were given late sitting for dinner and that causes me problems if I eat late, well they have given us early sitting now, Hurrah!  We went in to meet our fellow table companions, six of them, two nice ladies, and two couples in their eighties one of which was already seated when we arrived; but the last to arrive were a quaint couple he was carrying a cream coloured cotton bag with a large red rubber ring in it which he plonked down on the seat next to me and his tiny wife, a nice lady, then came round complete with stick and took five minutes to get sat down because she couldn’t get her leg over and then it took two men to lift her chair in to position with her giggling like a young schoolgirl, once settled she declared that her husband now has to blow up her ring every night or it deflates, then they proceeded to dominate the conversation of the table for the whole meal by describing in painful detail why Darwin should not have been credited with his ‘The Origin of the Species’ and how it should have gone to another chap, I’m wondering what he is going to talk about next time?


Charlottetown, Prince Edward Island.

16th September  At 4.30am I thought the engines of the ship were coming through the walls of the cabin, there was banging and whining and sound like a train going along the tracks, I stood it for fifteen minutes and then got up and went to the buffet restaurant to log onto the Wi-Fi there and upload my last diary to WordPress which with the speed of the internet aboard took 20 minutes, at the present rate I’m going through the minutes in my package on the ship I might only have enough for about 3 diaries if I’m lucky.



We landed in Charlottetown Prince Edward Island an hour earlier than expected so Florie and I were walking along the deserted streets of the city at 8am (We must be insane.) in the morning sun, it is an attractive place but quite small for a city with only 34,000 inhabitants, it was upgraded to a city on 17th April 1855; it is very attractive with a lot of wooden houses and brick ones too, they all appear to be well maintained.


There is only one main street, Queen St., with a couple of small side streets;


We found an open coffee shop with free Wi-Fi, we bought two large coffees and I updated my security signatures and program updates on my laptop while I had a stable internet connection and it still took an hour to do, but at least it’s up to date now.  We continued up Queen Street looking in all the closed shops (it’s safer that way) but it was still early on a Sunday morning, then we turned left into Richmond St., and walked to the edge of the bay giving us a lovely vista to behold, after which we carried on up West St., onto The Park Roadway skirting a wonderful park area (Victoria Park)


on the shore of the bay with a boardwalk surrounding the bay side and the wood land of the park on the right, a view I could gladly wake up to every morning; we made our way back to Queen St., where the street parking areas both sides had been transformed into a market with stalls set up for a Farmers Market that had an eclectic mix of things on offer, mostly thing made by the locals, a lot of wood items, quite a bit of homemade soaps and perfumes, a few quilt makers, toy makers, and of course fruit and veg stalls, after leaving some cash for two wood items (I have a weakness for wood) we were nearly at the bottom of the road so we turned left and found an unusual restaurant where we indulged ourselves having Lobster rolls and fries and a local beer, full of lunch we made our way to Peake’s. Wharf an attractive historic area next to the marina bustling with people from all over the world


The city has significance as it was here in 1864 that a conference was held to pave the way to confederation, bringing Canada together as a nation; the island itself boasts 50 lighthouses to assist shipping.  The author Lucy Maud Montgomery set her ‘Anne of Green Gables’ in Charlottetown and the Green Gable Farmhouse is still located in Cavendish on the island; we enjoyed our visit to Charlottetown and would like to return one day.

Happy Don

Hi again, I am in a coffee shop again uploading this, and I thought I would just say hello while I’m online; when we left the Ataltic Ocean a few days ago we hav travelled 1,000 miles inland and up the The Mighty St. Lawrence River to Montreal where I am now, it’s overcast but not raining or cold just now, we have been before by coach and had tours here but today we are footloose and fancy free as long as we are back by 5pm.

Listen, before I go, I am running out of internet time aboard the ship and it’s expensive and uncertain so I will send diaries when I can on land and use the ship minutes when we come back across the Atlantic in a few days time; nice to contact you, see you soon.

Don and coffee

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