Still at sea

When you are at sea for a few days like crossing the Atlantic for instance, you quickly get into a routine, like home from home only with waiters and someone to make your coffee, make your bed and put fresh towels in your bathroom that is cleaned everyday: however you do this with hundreds of other people trying to do the same thing.  Sharing your home and routine with everybody can be good or bad, if you like company then you have plenty to choose from, you can tell these people by the cheery ‘Hello’ they give to everyone as they enter a room, this usually disturbs the ones who are not cheery (remember I’m British not American.) and are sat quietly reading the paper and try to ignore this noisy interloper, we quiet ones are always relieved when the friendly ones find someone else to talk to a long, long way away so we can hardly hear them chatter; the worst thing is when you get a friendly one sitting alone, like last night, Florie and I went into the lounge to hear the musicians play for half an hour, the place was almost full but there was respectful silence and we got two of the remaining seats near the back, so we went over and sat down to enjoy the concert, but NO, a friendly old Yorkshire man who didn’t like music insisted on talking all the way through the music to Florie who prefers a good talk to music, and they spoilt the concert for those in earshot.

It is 9am as I write this diary longhand in the same lounge with about 25-30 people around me all silently reading, it is very pleasant; I can just hear the hint of someone playing a piano, it’s so nice, I think when I get home, I will get someone in to play the piano for me.

Quiet Don

If you have read my Glengarriff Diary read on — 5.30am Monday 10th September I’m up and angry, no, I’m fuming; our cabin has been without cold water since yesterday afternoon which means no loo, no shower, no drinking water for medication etc.  I am dressed and just going up to reception to let them know how I feel about it…

…I have now arrived in the buffet restaurant after calling at the public loo on the way here; there are three people in here with me, No, not the loo the restaurant.  I came up here to use the Wi-Fi in the public areas which works best before the rest of the passengers get up, I managed to post a diary first then enter another one into the laptop and I have just finished this update and I am still filled with anger and frustration at the situation I find us in.

Water Update: We were without water from 3pm the first day to 11am the second, not good is it.

About Don Graham 333

Word blind in one eye, bad tempered and only a broken pencil to write with, I don't stand a chance!
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