Glengarriff, Ireland.

No, I don’t want you to feel sorry for me trapped and injured as I am in my small noisy cabin with undersized beds that vibrate when the ship is moving; I will cope with it in my own manly fashion for the whole month.  This morning the vibrating stopped at 6.55am when the ship reached its destination in Bantry Bay in the south west of County Cork in the south west of Ireland; a beautiful looking bay surrounded by mountains covered in sunshine from when the sun rose to about 13.00.  Now, we usually go for breakfast in the restaurant once on each cruise and as we are new to this cruise line we chose today to go, when we arrived we were shown to our table as usual then some orange juice arrived then nothing; we wondered why so many passengers were getting up and walking about, usually in restaurants at breakfast on ships you stay where your put and everything comes to you, but here, it was a buffet filled to capacity with ill tempered passengers who prod you in the back if you are not fast enough, my Rice Krispies looked OK but were really crunchy and the scrambled eggs were really sloppy, the whole experience was quite a shock and a bit of a disappointment, that we will not repeat on this ship.


Our tender journey to the shore took two hours from leaving our cabin to stepping ashore, not an unpleasant trip; the bay was really beautiful wherever we looked and the short walk into the main street of the village was very pleasant in the late morning sun; We only saw the main street which didn’t appear to have more than about 20 shops pubs and hotels in it and more than half of them were closed, I don’t think the owners of the business get the concept of opening when a ship full of people come to visit, we called in the Spar Shop and we got a drink and a scone in The Glengarriff Hotel which, while we were there, had a visit from a scruffy pair of lads that set up their soap box and guitar and sang a song then packed up and left, I thought it was an audition but when we asked the lady behind the bar it wasn’t, then we strolled along the road and on our way we called into a couple more shops, at the little quayside we caught the return tender and as we climbed aboard the ship the sun went in and the wind got up and it stayed like that until sunset.

As you seen so far, I tend to tell it as it is at a personal level which is why I don’t disclose which ship or line I’m on as that would restrict what I write, like this morning’s breakfast for instance; however this evening after watching a film in the afternoon we went to the buffet and we both got different meals and enjoyed them very much then we had a dessert that was very tasty – for those of you who have read my diaries in the past know that I have been on many different lines and ships and the one thing that they have had in common is that their desserts are usually tasteless, but the ones we have had on here so far are all very nice indeed.  After three days on the ship we are pleasantly surprised Florie more than me because she can fit into her bed comfortably plus she can ignore the noise, but partly because some people we saw before coming away didn’t speak well of this cruise line so our expectation was not high when we boarded, however we still have three and a half weeks to go yet.

Don in expectation

About Don Graham 333

Word blind in one eye, bad tempered and only a broken pencil to write with, I don't stand a chance!
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