Worldwide Simcard

In preparation for our going on a cruise, I went onto the internet and chose a DATA ONLY sim that covers 180 countries around the world to put in my iphone; I had planned to use the phone as a Wi-Fi hotspot.

I chose the company with a dual coloured web site and a name that is a shortened version of the title of this post, I entered my details paid £50 and then waited in patience for the sim to be delivered.

The package duly arrived by post and I ripped open the package and a dual coloured cardboard package fell out, I opened that and fitted the sim in my phone and confirmed it as instructed by the five short lines of instruction on the package and sure enough the phone changed to the new sim fine!

But, the phone refused to be used as a Wi-Fi Hot-Spot with the new sim in it, I put my original sim back in and tried it again and it worked OK as a Hot-Spot.

I went onto the company’s web site to see if I could find out if I had done something wrong or if it gave any information about this; I could find none, the search box didn’t help either.  I next tried to send a query in the special email query page; but it would not send the message because I hadn’t put a valid ticket number in the box provided, but there was no instruction as to where to get a number from!

I then got on the phone and spent 45 minutes waiting for them to answer it, after which I was asked to leave a message or press the star button to speak to the staff; you won’t be surprised to hear that pressing the star button didn’t help.  The next morning I tried phoning the company again but exactly the same thing happened again; so I have a product that I hope is good around the world but does not do what I thought it would and has no back up service when needed.

Disgusted Don

About Don Graham 333

Word blind in one eye, bad tempered and only a broken pencil to write with, I don't stand a chance!
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